when worthless doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel.

Those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and then why don’t I look like the girls in the magazines, those days when you wish the guy loved; loved you back, the days were you wish you were enough for everyone in your life, instead of everyone finding faults in you. Those days were all you want to do is hide, and crawl it a tiny space and never come out for the world to see. I wish for things to be better, and to feel better and I wish I didn’t have tears trembling down my face as I write this. Feeling inadequate  and feeling unloved is a natural occurrence and feeling these days. Just when you think someone is a true eternal person in your life, you realise everyone is in it for themselves and if you died they would be fine without you. This world isn’t based around the people you build your life with anymore it’s based on who will help you gain greater success. No one genuinely cares about you. I genuinely care about people. I love people with my whole heart. People take me for granted and use me. Because what am I? Just an eventual stepping stone in life, I am sure as hell not someone special to anyone. This is why if I disappeared it wouldn’t even matter….because I am nothing to anyone. #theworldgoesroundregardlessofyouarestandingorfallinapart

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“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

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Those nights you wish you could replay forever…..

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Everything Love

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Clear your mind here

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Words of Emotion

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I wish I could rewind and pause time at those moments that truly define us. The things I wish I would have said instead of just thinking, the things I would have done instead of just playing them in my head, the things I would have tried instead of being too afraid too. Life should be opportunistic. We should take everything that comes our way. But we don’t. Why don’t we? Why are we too afraid to step out on the ledge and trust that something will catch us if we fall. Because the truth of the matter is, no one believes that their is anyone to catch us. However there are those rare moments in life when we find that one person that will stand on the ledge beside us and hold our hands as we yonder onto a crazy endeavour. Those are the people we never let go of. We should never break from their hands. Hold them as tight as you can, because when they are gone they will never turn back and they will never love you once you break that bond. Truthfully you will never be loved like that person loved you. The harsh reality is…we are all just fragments of this world and we only become whole when we find our other fragment that fits perfectly into our puzzle. i love you, i struggle without you and I miss you every single day! <3

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"I think I wanted it too much and you didn’t want it enough."
— Jay Crownover, Rule  (via hefuckin)